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Serve all your customers via WhatsApp API with a verified official account, and integrate all your communication channels in one place.

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What are the advantages of Nexloo's Official WhatsApp API?

Increase the efficiency of your communication with the Official WhatsApp API! Enjoy exclusive advantages to boost service, guarantee authenticity and elevate your business.

Avaliação de atendimento nexloo

Omnichannel service

We are much more than an official WhatsApp Business API platform. Here you can also integrate your Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, emails and many other communication channels.

Chatbots nexloo

Smart Chatbots

Create chatbots in your WhatsApp Business Official API, using the latest in artificial intelligence, which can answer simple questions and even make complex sales.

Mensagens rápidas nexloo

Message Trigger

Would you like to run a campaign and send messages to all your customers? With our multi-user platform, you can send mass messages via WhatsApp.

portfólio e serviços nexloo

Integrated CRM

We go far beyond a simple WhatsApp Business Official API platform. Here you have a powerful integrated CRM, so you can manage all your sales stages and follow-ups.


OpenAI integration

Integrate OpenAI's powerful API to help you create the best responses for your customers in a contextual way using ChatGPT, as well as generating summaries of all your conversations.

Acesso mobile nexloo

Mobile Application

Do you have a team that works on the road or uses cell phones a lot? With our Official WhatsApp Business API platform, you can count on the mobility of our Android and iOS apps.

follow-up automático nexloo

Automatic Follow-up

Never again lose an opportunity or a sale by forgetting to follow up. With Nexloo, you can schedule messages for specific dates and automate this process.

Comunicação Interna nexloo

Automatic Distribution

With Nexloo's Official WhatsApp Business API, you can create service queues and automatically distribute all the conversations that arrive on the platform, making things faster.

Relatórios nexloo

Advanced reports

With our Official WhatsApp Business API platform, you can create advanced service and quality reports, with more than 100 indicators to analyze your team's performance.

comunicação interna nexloo

Internal communication

Count on a powerful internal communication channel between teams and conversations, with various functionalities to increase the efficiency of your operation and communication with Nexloo.

pesquisa de satisfação nexloo

Satisfaction surveys

Do you want to know what your customers think about your company? With Nexloo you can carry out automatic satisfaction surveys at the end of the conversation and create complete satisfaction indicators.

Envio de mídias nexloo

Sending Media

With Nexloo, you're not limited! Send text messages, audio, video and digital files quickly and easily to your customers, while respecting WhatsApp's limits.

marcadores nexloo


Do you want to classify your customers according to sales stage or priority? Create bookmarks for your contacts, organizing and prioritizing conversations with your customers.

filtro avançado nexloo

Advanced Filters

With Nexloo's platform, you have several options for advanced filters to classify and organize your conversations, messages or contacts quickly, easily and efficiently.

criação de macros nexloo

Creating Macros

Does your team perform a lot of repetitive tasks, such as sending multiple messages to customers? With Nexloo's Official WhatsApp Business API, you can save these macros and run them automatically.

Importação de Contatos

Importing Contacts

Do you have a large base of old customers and want to import them into Nexloo? You can carry out this process quickly and easily using a CSV spreadsheet.

exportação de dados nexloo

Exporting Contacts

Would you like to export your Nexloo contact list elsewhere? This process is super simple and can be carried out within our platform's contact management panel.

exportação de relatórios nexloo

Exporting Reports

Would you like to export Nexloo conversation reports and service statistics for analysis in Excel or a BI tool? Run this process directly in our reports panel.

atalhos de mensagens nexloo

Message shortcuts

Does your team need to send the same message several times to your customers? With Nexloo's messaging shortcuts you can create these templates and use them whenever you need them.

Automação de conversa nexloo


With Nexloo's Official WhatsApp Business API platform, you can create various automations to distribute, classify or archive your messages, conversations and contacts.

personalização nexloo

Personalized Attributes

With Nexloo's custom attributes, you can personalize fields with relevant information for contacts or conversations, such as CNPJ, CPF or contract.

We go far beyond the official WhatsApp Business API

Choose Nexloo for an innovative experience and push the boundaries. Your journey into the omnichannel universe starts here!

  • logo whatsapp


    Attend to all your customers using a single WhatsApp number for your entire team, with individualized attendances and various performance reports so you can keep track of everything in real time.

  • logo facebook


    Integrate your company's Facebook Messenger with our customer service platform and chat with your customers directly in our system, with full reports so you can keep track of everything in real time.

  • logo instagram


    Integrate your company's Instagram Direct with our tool and chat with your customers directly in our system, with complete reports so you can follow everything in real time.

  • chat site nexloo

    Website Chat

    Count on a powerful conversion tool by installing our interactive chats on your website and chatting with your customers through our platform, as well as automating conversations with artificial intelligence.

  • logo telegram


    Is Telegram a strong communication channel for your company? Integrate your Telegram bots with our platform, tracking everything in real time and automating conversations with artificial intelligence.

  • ícone e-mail nexloo


    How often do you use emails to communicate with your customers? Integrate all your mailboxes with our platform, connecting them to your agents for customer service.

  • dialogflow


    Build chatbots using Dialogflow and connect them to your inbox quickly. Let the bots handle your conversations before handing them over to one of your customer service agents.

  • Dyte

    Dyte is a tool that helps you add live audio and video to your application. This allows you to give your agents the option of having a video or voice call with your customers without leaving Evolvy.

  • google translator

    Google Translator

    Make it easier for agents to translate messages by adding an integration with Google Translate. Google Translate helps to automatically identify the language and convert it into the language of your choice.

  • ícone api nexloo


    With our powerful API, you can integrate our intelligent chatbots, conversations and CRM into any platform or system you want.

  • Zapier

    With our integration with Zapier, you can integrate our intelligent chatbots, conversations and CRM into any platform or system you like.

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WhatsApp Business API Oficial Nexloo

Frequently asked questions

Check out the main questions and answers about Nexloo’s Official WhatsApp Business API.

Should I synchronize my WhatsApp on Nexloo?

To use all the features of Nexloo Chatbot, you need to integrate via official WhatsApp or the QR Code of your WhatsApp Business.

Does it only work as a Chatbot for WhatsApp?

No. Nexloo Chatbot is a complete customer service platform, with integration with various platforms and features to help you sell much more.

What happens if my phone runs out of battery?

Once synchronized with Nexloo, even without internet or battery, messages continue to enter the platform normally.

Can I connect more than one WhatsApp to the Chatbot?

Yes! You can connect several numbers to the same account. Contact our sales team for details on how to do this.

Can I integrate other tools and platforms?

Yes! You can integrate your WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, emails, website chat and many other tools through our API.

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