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With our CRM for WhatsApp, you can organize and automate your sales and customer service processes using a single WhatsApp number.

CRM para WhatsApp Nexloo
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Why Nexloo CRM for WhatsApp?

Turn leads into satisfied customers! With Nexloo, your sales approach achieves maximum efficiency. Increase conversions, close more deals and boost your results.

funil de vendas nexloo

Sales Funnel

Manage all the stages of your sales funnel in Nexloo's CRM for WhatsApp, from lead entry to post-sales.

Conversas ilimitadas nexloo

Conversation Management

Manage WhatsApp conversations, Facebook, Instagram, website chat, emails and much more in one place.

personalização nexloo


With Nexloo's CRM for WhatsApp, you can customize the stages of the sales funnel according to your business.

Agendamentos nexloo

Calendar of Opportunities

Manage all sales opportunities in a complete calendar so you never miss a follow-up or a sale again.

Departamentos nexloo

Customer segmentation

With Nexloo's CRM for WhatsApp, you can segment your customers according to your needs.

notificações inteligentes nexloo

Smart notifications

With our smart notifications, your sales team will never miss another opportunity by forgetting to follow up.

Comunicação Interna nexloo

Omnichannel integration

We go much further than a CRM for WhatsApp. At Nexloo you can integrate all your conversations in one place.

Acesso mobile nexloo

Message Trigger

Do you have a campaign and want to notify your customers? Create mass WhatsApp campaigns and scale your sales.

exportação de dados nexloo

Data export

Would you like to import your CRM data into a BI tool? At Nexloo you can import all your opportunities.

Importação de Contatos

Importing Contacts

Import all your contacts into our CRM for WhatsApp and centralize all your company's information.

Chatbots nexloo

Smart Chatbots

Create chatbots that use artificial intelligence to talk to customers and never leave someone waiting for an answer again.

histórico de interações nexloo

Interaction History

With Nexloo's CRM for WhatsApp, you have all your customers' interaction history in one place.

estatísticas avançadas nexloo

Advanced statistics

You can count on various advanced reports to monitor your sales funnel and the performance of your team.

Indicadores de Performance nexloo

Performance indicators

With our advanced reports, you have individual or general performance indicators for your team members.

pesquisa de satisfação nexloo

Satisfaction surveys

Create automatic satisfaction surveys on all your communication channels and understand your customer.

integrações nexloo


With our Webhook and Zapier API, you can integrate our CRM for WhatsApp into any system.

Avaliação de atendimento nexloo


Go beyond the sale. Detailed data on all your customers' interactions whenever they interact with your business.

We go far beyond a CRM for WhatsApp

Unleash the full power of your sales with Nexloo! We go beyond CRM for WhatsApp, making it your complete tool for increasing your business sales. Maximize your conversions, close deals effectively and reach the top of the market.

  • logo facebook


    Integrate your Facebook Messenger into Nexloo CRM and manage all your contacts and sales on our platform.

  • logo instagram


    Integrate your Instagram Direct into Nexloo CRM and manage all your contacts and sales on our platform.

  • ícone e-mail nexloo


    Integrate your company's emails into Nexloo CRM and manage all customer communication on our platform.

  • chat site nexloo

    Website Chat

    Integrate our chat into your website and talk to your users in real time via our platform.

  • Website Form

    Integrate all the forms on your website into Nexloo CRM and receive all the contacts directly on our platform.

  • ícone site nexloo

    Manual registration

    Manually register contacts in Nexloo CRM and manage all your leads directly on our platform.

  • logo telegram


    Integrate your Telegram bots into Nexloo CRM and manage all your customer integrations on our platform.

  • Zapier

    With Zapier, you can integrate various other platforms or tools directly into Nexloo CRM.

  • ícone api nexloo

    Webhook API

    Through our API, you can integrate various other platforms or tools directly into Nexloo CRM.

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CRM para WhatsApp Nexloo

Frequently asked questions

Check out the main questions and answers about Nexloo’s CRM for WhatsApp.

Should I synchronize my WhatsApp on Nexloo?

To use all the features of Nexloo CRM, you need to integrate via official WhatsApp or the QR Code of your WhatsApp Business.

Does it only work as a CRM for WhatsApp?

No. Nexloo CRM is a complete CRM, with integration to various platforms and features to help you sell much more.

What happens if my phone runs out of battery?

Once synchronized with Nexloo, even without internet or battery, messages continue to enter the platform normally.

Can I connect more than one WhatsApp to the CRM?

Yes! You can connect several numbers to the same account. Contact our sales team for details on how to do this.

Can I integrate other tools and platforms?

Yes! You can integrate your WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, emails, website chat and many other tools through our API.

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Fill in your details below and see everything we can do for your business!